Mindful Flower: April Mindfulness Practice

The “Mindful Flower” is a really fun practice for spring.  Form children into a circle with their feet in the middle. Turn off lights and have them reach to touch their toes. Teacher leads a little meditative drama saying “It is winter, you are a seed deep in the earth, you are cold and it is dark. Soon, it starts to rain” Spray them with a water sprayer (they love this). “And the seeds starts to grow – reach your fingers up to the sky. Then the flower blooms all the way open – lie down on your back with your arms on the floor above your head. Close your eyes and wait for the sun to shine on your face. When you feel or see the light behind your CLOSED eyes, put your hands on your belly. The sun will only come if your eyes are closed.” Teacher and assistant come around with a flashlight and shine on the CLOSED eyes of the children.   They may want to do this a couple times once they know what is going on. Then, you can just let music play, or let there by silence, encouraging the children to lie as still and quiet for as long as they can. Once they get a bit wiggle, say “Bring your hands together under your nose and pretend like your hands are a flower. Smell your flower, now blow all the petals away. Do it three more times – smell your flower, now blow all your petals away.”

Here’s a video – it’s a little rushed because class was ending, but you will get the idea.  You can leave them lying down for as long as they will stay still.

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