Mirroring: March Mindful Movement Practice

March’s mindful movement practice for kids is the mirroring game.  This is a popular warm-up or improv game in theater, and teaches children to pay close attention to the movements of another.  It is probably most appropriate for children aged four and older.

  1.  Ask children to choose a partner or divide them into partners, and sit knee to knee without touching.
  2. Explain that this is a quiet game where they will have to watch each other carefully and copy exactly what the other person does.
  3. One child will start the game as the leader and then they will switch
  4. Demonstrate with your co-teacher or with a child, sitting knee to knee and leader making movements that the other follows – make movements and don’t forget to make faces as well.
  5. Show or tell how fast movements are difficult to follow.
  6. Have a chime or some other way of telling students when it is time to switch.

Here is a fun youtube of adults doing the mirroring game.

Children love this game and it is wonderful way to focus them on their own bodies and to help them become more aware of those around them.  It can also help draw out less expressive students who are paired with more expressive students.

After the game, you can talk about the experience to help them reflect on the experience:

  1. Was it easier to lead or to follow?
  2. Was it difficult to follow exactly what you saw?
  3. Did anything make you laugh?
  4. Would you like to play this game again sometime soon?

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