Questions to help create drama in stories

When I want to bring drama to a story, these questions are helpful:

Is there a way for the teacher to be “in role”? How will you use costume, facial expressions, voice, and movement to show you are in role?

What roles can you give the children? How will you help them know when to start being “in role” and when to stop?

Can you use music or song to enliven, guide, and give depth to the drama?

Is there a way to integrate visual art?

Is there a way to integrate movement?

Is there a way to integrate science (observation skills), math, building, or technology?

Is there a way to challenge conventional gender and social roles (perhaps change the male hero to a female heroine?

Have I considered how my children with differing abilities may be included?

Is there a way to highlight cultural sensitivity and diversity?

Is there a way to build skills for social-emotional awareness and empathy?

Can I incorporate non-representational props (ex. scarf can become a headdress, a shawl, a snake, a river, etc.)?

Do I have an opening/closing activity to make it clear when the drama is starting and finishing?

Is there a follow-up activity that can support the learning that took place in drama?

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